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When life fails to be content, to be happy.
When life is full of thoughts, bad or good.
Depression, confusion.
Either you don't know what is real
or suffering fills your day.

List of Contents:

A recluse
Stillness in society
Goals for Life
Support of good living

A recluse

There are many who long for peace. Peace of mind, Peace of heart.
Many step on the road to spiritual fullfullment.
In the past we have the lights of wisdom like Buddha,
Like Hindu sages Shankara and current day Swami's
To step on the path; you need a motivation, to become enlightened, to become peacefull.

Persons who travel to a Recluse to find by silence the peace and calmness they long for.
A recluse gives the requisite to be in silence and full possible meditation.

By meditating, you grow the feeling of concentration in your awareness.
By meditating, the mind slowly comes to stillness. Like a wheel which stops turning.

Meditation in a recluse is for some people a step to far.
They want a simple method by which the stillness comes forward in their

Stillness in society

For people living a life of labor and relations it is more dificult to find
time for meditation, or stillness.
It can be an oppurtinity to take time for a sabatical, a small period
to meditate at home, or temporary find time in a temple.
When you are busy whole day long it is hard to get peace in only half an hour.
And meditation can be a difficult task, because all things you do in a day
gives worries.
Meditation is however a method to get insights also in everything you do during the day
For example the business manager who gets the insight
to change the process of trading and makes more profit.
As well as the lady at home who by meditation gets the insight to start a mealdelivery company,
cooking meals for lonely or busy people; and thus enlarging her basic income.

Meditation, in the pure form it is providing the awarenss of the supreme reality.
And it can be dome with tools like watching your breath,
using a word to focuss on reality,
as well as adopting a mantra from a religious organisation.

Meditation, in the first line it calms the mind to get space of thinking.
This is called mindfullness.
In the second line it gives you the ability to heal all your emotions.
This gives you a feeling of calmness in your body.
The third line is that by meditation you enlarge the worldsphere
of consciousness or observing awareness.
This adds to worldpeace.

Shortlists of meditation is seekable by studying the spiritual directives
laid down in all scriptures or books from the past.
Meditation also being a method to learn what is true and what is not.

When purpose becomes happiness

Every living being searches for some goal or purpose in life.
Young children search to play with friends, games on computer.
When a child gets adult and is finished with school,
it searches for a good job, to get rich, to get a relationship.
All goals thinkable are being seeked by anyone.

In buddhism there is only one goal.
The goal; the pursuit of happiness.
First thing to hold or keep health in a good way.
Second to feel happy. tranquil, peacefull.
Third to be of avail for society.

Only one goal is: Happiness.
giving up every goal to strive for.
Just taking life as it comes.
And within acceptation, to avoid danger, suffering, bad intent.

Giving up any goal, gives space for reality to give you purpose.
Purpose without striving, without creating plans, without expectations.

When all goals and ambitions are let loose;v Life creates goals without you thinking about it.

Then searching for things, become creating wisdom.
Then living becomes a quest of untold labor. of secrets being revealed.
The act of doeing without purpose, but with effectiveness.

A support of good living.

May the inner power of art help the meditation.
Click this for a piece of traditional art.
By using it as painting on the wall it gives the radiance
needed for a meditative moment. The Sri Yantra
The picture is free to print, paint, use.
It is art from a public domain source.
When the art is being exposed, at home, at work, or elsewhere,
after 45 days it has full vibrance of effect